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How is your personal data protected?

We work actively to ensure that personal data is handled securely. We have well protected
system and takes appropriate technical and organizational protective measures.

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What personal data do we collect?

– Name
– Email address

Why and how do we use the information?

Create and maintain the person’s account.

With whom do we share the information?

The paid service chosen and, where applicable, employer.

When do we delete the information?

Upon termination of subscription.

Life by Jonty protects the personal integrity of individuals and therefore strives to work with customers
and suppliers who meet the requirements placed on companies that process personal data.
Life by Jonty processes necessary personal data within the framework of its respective operations.
Depending on the type of service provided, the responsibility for the processing of the personal data may
are distributed differently between the contracting parties.

This document has been produced in order to clarify how Life by Jonty generally, according to current
personal data legislation, understands the division of responsibility for the processing of personal data. The document
is based on the Guidance Life by Jonty together with other industry representatives has been involved in
developed together with Bemanningsföretagen/Almega.

Any questions can be asked to your contact person within Life by Jonty or our data protection officer who
can be reached via

Processing of personal data

Life by Jonty also determines other purposes of the processing as the purpose is to be able to create
long-term and relationship-building contacts with subscribers.

Based on this, Life by Jonty takes an independent position in relation to the customer.
As Life by Jonty is responsible, they must always ensure that they have a legal basis for their processing and that
the processing takes place in accordance with current personal data legislation. The customer is in turn
personal data controller for its processing of the personal data that may be transferred under
the use of the service.

What personal data do we collect regarding our contact persons?

– Email address
– Name
– Payment information

Why and how do we use the information?

We need this to create and administer a user account for the service

With whom do we share the information?

The information is only shared in the payment solutions.

Personal data controller

The data controller is PerformIQ Life AB, Sveavägen 159, 113 46 Stockholm

Contact information to get in touch with our Data Protection Officer is

Changes and adjustments

The information stated above may change and be adjusted due to technical developments, changes in
the current Data Protection legislation or changes in Life by Jonty’s routines, organization or
business strategy. We recommend that you occasionally visit our website to read an updated version of
the information.

However, if we make any significant changes to how we process your personal data, we will
first providing you with information and giving you the opportunity to take a position on these new terms and conditions and thereafter
act according to one’s own will.