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1. Ten Good Habits - Introduction
2. Ten Good Habits - Part 1
3. Ten Good Habits - Part 2
4. Ten Good Habits - Part 3
5. Ten Good Habits - Part 4
6. Ten Good Habits - Part 5
7. Ten Good Habits - Part 6
8. Ten Good Habits - Part 7
9. Ten Good Habits - Part 8
10. Ten Good Habits - Part 9
11. Ten Good Habits - Part 10

About Ten Good Habits

Introduction to how to choose the right level for your training Chill For those who are interested in a change but who like to take life with a relaxed attitude. Research indicates that a slow lifestyle change is often preferable because then they become sustainable and integrated into your everyday life. Small steps over a long period of time with a focus on lifelong brain health do not give quick results in the beginning, but the change becomes sustainable, lasting over time. And thus it gives a great result in life. Advanced For those who are ready for a slightly bigger challenge. You want to jump-start the brain office and maybe push yourself to achieve results. The thought is a relatively big change where it requires you to put time, effort and energy into working with your brain's development. You put the spotlight on your brain and your effort will be noticeable! Insane For those who like to always go all-in! You live by the motto "If you're going to do something, you do it properly." Challenges and new adventures are the driving force in everything you do. The question for you is, shouldn't you for once take the chill variant….?? Guess you still want to go insane! You will turn every single habit in your life upside down. Analyse, keep statistics and make diagrams. Does this sound enticing? You are INSANE.


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