Why Life by Jonty?

Our vision is a healthier population.

We believe it should be fun, playful and easy to feel good.
We want to inspire and motivate you to a better health without demands.
On our platform, you get full access to all sessions, designed for all levels and all types of training. We have something for you, regardless of fitness level or ambition.

You will find content for nutrition, digestion, meditation, wellness as well as relaxation, yoga, mobility and courses in self-management and much more.

It’s all digital, ready to use on all your devices.

Use Life by Jonty exactly when and where you want.

Content just for you

To make it easy to navigate and find the right content, Life by Jonty will recommended content based on your previous activity.

In other words, your experience will only get better the more you use our content. Smart huh?

And don’t worry, of course you’ll still be the first to find out about new releases, challenges and other content we believe will interest you.