Improve your health with Jonty!

Why Life by Jonty?

Our vision is a healthier population.

It shall be fun, playful and easy to feel good.

We want to motivate you to better health without demands. In our platform, you get full access to all our training sessions designed for all.

All types of training, all ambition levels. We will guide and inspire you with courses, recipes, nutrition, meditation, relaxation, yoga, self-management and much more.

All digital on your devices!

You can use Life by Jonty when and where you want.

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What do you need today?

As a member with us you get

  • Access to over 500 sessions and forms of training.

    Welcome to run HIIT sessions, Tabata, strength, static training, mobility, yoga and meditation and much more.

  • Mental and physical development with known profiles.

    Learn to deal with stress, adversity and sleep difficulties. Our coaches help you build your mental strength.

  • New inspiration in the kitchen with hundreds of recipes.

    Pick and choose from fresh, easy-to-prepare and tasty recipes that both make and taste good.

  • Customized training activity according to your needs.

    Use the health check or the activity guide to create completely customized programs - just for you.

  • Motivation to reach your goals.

    It should be undemanding, simple and fun to feel good. With us you get all the tools you need to do just that.

The best workout is the one that actually happens!

Life by Jonty is the partner to use, regardless of the weather, mood or shape of the day.

We are here to encourage, inspire and motivate you to a better well-being. Our ambition is to offer something for everyone and meet you where you are right now.

Are you in the mood for a really sweaty HIIT session today? Or are you looking forward to an energizing yoga session?

Are you looking for new inspiration in the kitchen or maybe an energizing  walk with Gåpodden, our “walk along podcast”?

Regardless of what you are looking for, we are convinced that you can find it with us.